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What Makes Organic Natural Skin Care Organic?

Posted in Shopping: Beauty & Personal Care  ~  June 02, 2013 01:08:48 PM

You've decided you want to begin using organic natural skin care, but you're confused: is organic skin care the same as natural skin care and is natural good enough for you? Many times, the decision to begin using an organic line of skin care comes from deciding that you are tired of exposing your body to all of the pesticides that can go into our foods. You've probably decided to begin eating organically as much as possible, so this is the next logical step. Good for you. But, you need to know some guidelines when it comes to organic skin care so you can feel good about what you put on your face and body.

The Difference Between Natural and Organic Skin Care

The first thing you need to know is that natural and organic are not the same. Natural skin care contains no animal by products, no testing and uses plant derived ingredients instead of petroleum bases. This type of product contains ingredients such as plant based glycerin and green tea extract. You should know that these products are still very good for your skin, but if you are working to avoid certain ingredients in your skin care, such as parabens and any kind of propane based additives, you might want to consider an organic natural skin care brand.

Organic natural skin care takes natural skin care to the next level by using not only 100% naturally derived ingredients, but also making sure that all the ingredients of the skin care being offered are organically grown, so you get the benefit of no pesticides or chemicals in your skin care products. If you are working to get away from parabens, choosing an organic natural skin care brand might be your best choice.

How Do You Know It's Organic?

One of the most common questions people ask is “can I trust the company to be totally honest?” The answer here is a little bungled and hard to explain, so the short answer is maybe not, which is why you should make sure to get the certified organic products that are available. Much like your organic foods which contain a certification, your skin care will also have this seal. Look for it and you can feel confident that the organic natural skin care you're going to use is in fact organic.

That being said, there are many eco-friendly companies out there today who pride themselves on their business practices and that means choosing only sustainable farming choices for their ingredients. Sustainable farming uses techniques such as planting crops among other plantings to choke out weeds and drive away pests, so take a look at the company you're considering when you shop for your organic natural skin care products to get a better idea as to whether they are really organic or not.

Most of the time, when a person makes the switch to organic natural skin care, they really don't go back to using the mainstream products. You will likely find that the same is true for you, so go ahead and make the switch. You'll be so glad that you did.